about me…

I have been in the Sales and Finance Industry for over 25 years.

My list of career choices including the following –

  • Auto Sales (My First Sales GIG Ever!!!)
  • AD Sales.
  • Stockbroker (I interviewed at Stratton Oakmont but I was too clean-cut for them:)
  • Mortgage Broker.
  • Corporate Barter Sales (Closed the biggest one in the business).
  • Merchant cash advance broker since 2009.
  • Simon Funding (Formerly Phoenix Funding And Finance) 2015.
  • Phoenix Entertainment (New Streaming Platform now in post-production) 2009
  • I have been self-employed since 2009.
  • I run two separate busineses.
  • Since 2020 I have expanding my brokerage business to offer.
  • TERM Loans Services, SBA 7A (MINI 7As) and now expanding into residential and commercial RE lending.

I understand that you must receive 100 calls from other companies but the difference between me and those other guys one-on-one boutique service, you are dealing with 3 people – Me, Myself, and I.

Availability – I always answer my direct line up until 9 PM at night – The advantage of having a Home Office.

I will never “SHOP” your file to dozens of lenders.

If I can get you funding or not, I will be upfront and honest with you (No BS clause in place 24/7)

I have a list of references that span over my 25 plus years of experience that you can actually call.

Call me directly with any questions. I am always around.

– Anthony Simonini, CEO